Infographic: 25 Facts About Bacon


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This infographic is from the folks of Everyone loves bacon, and this infographic dishes out 25 facts regarding the beloved breakfast meat. This one is pretty decent- clean, tri-color pallette that utilizes the colors of the American flag, substantial factual information, and a humorous story to tell. This infographic is, however, considerably text heavy and would leave the viewer confused and disinterested if the text were to removed.

The first few images are great. Especially the aircraft carrier graphic, which uses a real-life comparison to show just how much people really love to eat bacon. But from there on out, the infographic seems to lack solid data visualization. It feels a bit forced and crowded. An example: with the statistic stating that one pig supplies over 23 pounds of bacon. A great way to have shown this fact is perhaps with a scale, with a pig on one side and a graphic visualization of 23 pounds of back on the other. Instead, the graphic as it is just looks like a pig and big long piece of bacon, with no further quantification. That theme seems to continue throughout the Bacon infographic, as many of the graphics are left hanging or are relying to heavily on text.

To be more effective, this infographic could utilize pie charts and bar graphs to help truly visualize the data. Despite its shortcomings, this infographic does utilize a clean color pallette and keeps the dimensions within reasonable limits. Apart from the aircraft carrier visual, there’s no real kicker, nothing that really makes you say “Wow!” I’d give this infographic a C overall.

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