Infographic: 24 Funniest Ways to Die


Produced by Life Insurance Finder

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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Life Insurance Here is what they had to say upon submitting their infographic to us:

Life Insurance Finder takes a look at some of the most bizzare deaths to occur over history. While they may appear humorous, these deaths also serve as a powerful reminder of how death/serious injury can be avoided if people involved take a moment to stop and think about what they are doing.

This infographic certainly has a lot of interesting information, but not enough data visualization to really be called an infographic in the traditional sense. An infographic should be understandable if all of the text were to be removed, which is not the case here. The last section has some good data visualization, however. I really like the content of the infographic, but perhaps it would be better suited to a blog post – it doesn’t translate very well to an infographic.

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