Infographic: 2011 Tech Job Trends


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This infographic comes to us from the people at Adzuna.

I really like the artistic style of this; the illustrations that look like sketches on graph paper are cool. The actual graphs that are “sketched” on this look especially good.

I give this infographic a B overall. In some places it has really good data visualization, but in other spots a lot of the information is in text. I like the bar graph at the bottom comparing average salaries for new vs. experienced developers: this part has pretty good data visualization and doesn’t use a lot of text to present the data. The other line graph could be improved if it used logos of the different developing styles to mark points on the line. Also, the statistic next to the line graph about the demand for Android experience could use some graphics to represent the data more visually. The statistic above it about iOS is good because it has the actual iOS logo next to the salary figure.

I like the startups vs. banks section; the use of colors here is a good way to create data visualization. The wallet graphic is an easy-to-understand visual way to represent the average salary data. The top portion of this infographic also has good data visualization. The little nerdy characters lined up to visually show the number of computer science graduates vs. the number of computer science graduate jobs is a really nice touch. Also, the shaded-in UK visually tells readers that the data in this infographic will be about tech jobs in the UK.

Overall I really like the artistic style of this infographic and it kept me interested. There are some strong spots when it comes to data visualization and a few spots that could use some additional graphics and illustrations to bring it to life a little bit more. A few minor improvements would really make this a top-notch infographic.

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