Infographic: 17 Things You Didn’t Know About Your Morning Coffee


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This infographic was submitted to us by Espresso Machine, who also included this description:

“Coffee has been a popular drink since the 1700s and is now the second most traded commodity in the world. But it’s expensive on the high street! Did you know that if you bought a 200 dollar espresso machine and had one coffee everyday instead of buying it from a coffee shhop you would break even in less than 3 months?”

This infographic has some pretty interesting information, and is pretty cute all on a coffee sleeve. It’s pretty simple but easy to get through, although it is fairly text-heavy. The illustrations are nice, and there is some data viz (I like the subtle pie chart in the cup of coffee when talking about coffee consumption at breakfast), but in all there isn’t very much of it.

For instance, the $12.2 billion in specialty coffee is just represented by a pile of money (and the 75% in coffee shops is practically ignored), and while I like the illustration of a “barrel of coffee”, something more like the coffee cup vs. cola can graph at the top of the IG would be more data viz-friendly. It would be especially good if maybe a few more of the world’s top commodities made it onto the graph, too.

The stat about the average price of an espresso drink was interesting. It must be factoring in espressos and Americanos, though, since I’d imagine the average price of a latte would be quite a bit higher–depending, of course, on the size of the drink!

Overall I’d give this infographic a C: it needs less text and more data viz to be a great infographic.

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