Infographic: 15 Fantastic Reasons to Clear Out Clutter


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This infographic was submitted to us by SpareFoot.

The facts in this infographic are fascinating! It’s a great read and definitely makes me want to go home and clean my apartment…

I really like the data visualization incorporated in reasons 1, 2, 13, and 14 — and I’d love to see it incorporated throughout! While the icons are cute, the viewer still generally relies on the text to tell the story in these panels. People’s attention spans are pretty short, and those who aren’t cleaning their houses might not want to read paragraphs, either! Try to use charts, graphs, and images to tell your story — let the text take a back seat. However, the creative use of typography where text does occur is a great strategy for reducing the “blockiness.”

Another quick tip: each of the reasons starts with “You can.” If you just created a header that read “You can…” it would cut those words and free up some more space in each reason!

The colors are bright and engaging and the premise of the infographic is quick actionable tips/reasons, so in all it’s really fun to go through, and I’d give it a B!

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