Infographic: 100 Brilliant Business Minds and What They Said


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This infographic was submitted to us by Funding Circle! Displayed above is the static version of the piece; just below it, there’s an accompanying link to view the interactive experience on their website. On the interactive piece, you can explore additional quotes for many of the people shown.

The design delivers on what the title suggests, showing who these 100 business minds are with coordinated illustrations for each, and notable quotes. On the interactive version, the people are alphabetized by last name, which would be helpful on the static version as well. I do find the resizing of the boxes on the interactive to be a little distracting when clicking through; perhaps there’s a better way to handle the variation in quote length.

Given the nature of the concept it’s a little tough to rate this design as an infographic, since an illustration for each person is about as much of a visual element as the design calls for. Perhaps they could be organized by decade, industry, or type of advice to improve ease of access a little, but the quotes themselves don’t really necessitate any visualization.

I think the design accomplishes what it set out to do — share the sage business advice of successful people — so in that sense I’d rate it a B. It could benefit from more organizational options for users to be able to get to the information they want more quickly, but apart from that it’s an inspiring piece!

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