Infographic: 10 Ways to Save Money Using Technology

Reedman Tips

This infographic was submitted to us by Reedman Toll.

I like the background imagery and the cute little pig icons used for numbering the ways to save! This graphic also features some great tips for cheap/free tech tools.

However, the problem here is that the graphic is just text chunks and icons. Any numbers that are given aren’t visualized with charts, graphs, pictograms, etc. and the text isn’t broken up much — even three consecutive lines of text can look heavy on an infographic. Infographics should rely primarily on imagery to carry the story, but the viewer has to read to get most of the information. The use of logos, though, does a good job of letting the viewer know instantly what the 10 tools are; it’s just that we have to read to get the rest of the info.

In all, I’d love to see design incorporated more into the use of numbers, and see the text reduced and dispersed a little more. That would improve the speed at which a viewer can process the infographic, and the likelihood they’ll stick around to absorb all of the info. I’d also like to see a concluding statement or call to action to tie up and summarize.

I’d give this infographic a C, since it needs a bit of tweaking to maximize its efficacy.

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