Infographic: 10 Restaurant Industry Trends to Watch Out For in 2014


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Predicting upcoming trends is quite a painstaking job. Moreover when it comes to forecasting what’s to come for the restaurant industry, it’s all the more daunting., a leader in supplying restaurant equipment nationwide, categorizes the trends the restaurant industry has in store in 2014, into Culinary, Beverages, Marketing, Tech and Design.

This infographic makes good use of illustration to supplement its story. The illustrations are fun and the colors are bright, so it does make for an engaging journey.

Although it puts several stats into use in the bottom half of the infographic, I only see one example of data visualization (the pizza pie chart), and the stats aren’t even proportional to the pieces of the pizza sectioned out: 3.6% looks more like 15-20%. It would help break up the text a little bit if the stats were divided into digestible fragments rather than full sentences, and if they were visualized using charts, graphs, quantagrams, etc.

The organization of the top of the infographic is a bit confusing. The top two parts, Culinary and Beverages, are fine, but the bottom three seem a little crammed. Additionally, I’d love to see the numbers/titles color-coded by section. Since the “Culinary” label is red, it makes sense that numbers 10 and 9 would have red labels as well. But then, I expected numbers 8 and 7 to have black labels to match the corresponding black “Beverages” label.

Another quick thing to note: be consistent with punctuation! Most of the stats have periods, but not all of them.

Overall, I’d give this infographic a C+. It’s informative and fun, but it’s a little difficult to follow and the text could be reduced by increasing reliance on data visualization.

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