Increasing Profit In Asian Markets (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at It covers different ways that marketers could increase their profits in Asia in 2011. Here’s what they had to say when they submitted their infographic to us:

88.2%. That’s the proportion of marketers in Asia who want to look inside their customer’s heads to see what prompts them to part with their precious money! As Asian consumers become more cost conscious, this infographic offers an overview of what marketers need to do to increase customers’ profitability for 2011. The findings, facts and figures presented here were compiled and extracted from Process Excellence network’s survey of 1500 marketing professionals in Asia.

At first glance, I can see that the all of the text is too small. Although all the data is visualized well, it is hard to see what exactly is being represented in each graph. It would help to include this information on the graphs themselves for clarity.

I like the color scheme of this infographic, though. The images next to each graphs (the head and the toolbox) match the color scheme well, but seem a bit out of place. I think more plain images could blend in better. The color scheme also works well with the logo, but it seems a bit too big, especially since the rest of this infographic is hard to read. Enlarging the text would improve the look of this infographic quite a bit. What do you think?

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