Iconic Dogs in the Media: From Rin Tin Tin to Brian Griffin Infographic


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Here’s an infographic we did in partnership with We thought it would be fun to showcase iconic dogs in television and film. The infographic begins with the first ever K-9 star, Rin Tin Tin and ends with today’s version of an alcoholic Snoopy, Brian Griffin.

While being a wordy infographic, we found some fun data to include and showcase as data visualization. Some fun facts include:

  • Even though Lassie was a lady, she was played by only male dogs. I’m sure those dogs got confused being called “girl” all the time!
  • It took over 44 St. Bernards to film Beethovan’s 2nd
  • The Scooby Doo Movie was the highest grossing dog movie of all time
  • Dog movies have grossed nearly $2 Billion at the box office!

Since we can’t critique our own work, please chime in and let us know your thoughts!

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