How to Stay Hydrated During Exercise


Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 65%
Design - 80%
Content/Script - 65%
Usability - 75%


Final Grade

This infographic provides information on hydration and exercise. The clean approach with ample white space gives the illustrations room to breathe—especially helpful given the level of detail in the design style. The consistent color palette and effective use of color pops helps guide the reader through the infographic. The visuals themselves are clear and — for the most part — effective, though a few visuals could better align with their associated text. On that note, the text is clear and bolstered by a list of sources. However, the overall structures oscillate between concise points and full sentences, which might jostle the reader as they move through the piece. In general, this infographic takes an effective approach to communicating its information, but a bit more consistency could help it achieve its maximum impact. We'd give this a C.

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