How to Customize Your Military Coin


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This was submitted to us via Military Coins USA. Here is what they had to say upon submitting to us:

We created this helpful infograph[ic] to share with the world how easy it can be to come up with your own custom challenge coin, for a variety of uses. We found that many customers were a bit overwhelmed when it came to the design aspects of the coin and many just aren’t sure what the first steps to follow are. We are accredited with all source information contained within the graph and have been in the coin manufacturing business for a little over 9 years. Hopefully this will help curious minds as to just how easy designing and ordering custom coins can be.

I do not usually do this when I do not see any data visualization, but I am going to give this piece a B. It is a very well-designed manual to designing and ordering custom coins through this particular website. The color scheme looks great, it flows nicely, and is easy to understand – a great guide, just not an infographic. Even the cardboard box graphic looks good. The only mistake I see is that Step 4 is actually labeled “Step 3.”

I have said it before, and I will likely say it many times again: if there is little or no data visualization, than it is not an infographic (no matter how good it looks). In this case however, it does not seem right to give such a clean design such a low grade. In most cases, designs that neglect data visualization tend to be lacking in other areas as well, but this submission seems to have been misclassified as an infographic more than anything else.

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