How Sun Affects Happiness (Infographic)


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I like this infographic. How often do I start a post out like that? It’s well designed and does a good job of visualizing the data. It also fits with the topic of the website that produced it, which is hard to find these days. My one and only issue with this infographic is that the font size is super small, so it’s really hard to read, especially on a laptop. This infographic could be an extra 500px in height just to bump up the font size. That said, the color wheel is great, the illustrations are nice, and the way everything is laid out is very easy to take in.

OK, I thought about it while writing this and I have just one more issue: there is too much dead space at the top. Placing the color wheel in the center and the maps above it would solve this problem, because when viewed at full size, the infographic seems too sparse.

When this was submitted by the designer, Leigh Riley, he had the following (very funny) things to say about this infographic:

Design Emperor,
I bow to your visualness!
I have a slick ass kick ass super awesome infographic for your perusal. It’s all about the effects of sunshine and happiness around the world. It was made by über talent Leigh Riley & the team at Arena-Quantum for Fly Thomas Cook.

– Sunshine doesn’t guarantee high quality of life but does bring health, riches and a full night sleep!
– Icelanders may only have an average 3hrs of sunshine per day with their dark winter nights but they live satisfied and long lives!
– South Africa has an average of 10 hours sunshine per day compared to only 6hrs in Canada but Canadians rate their life satisfaction 60% higher.

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