How Social Are America’s Restaurants


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This infographic, from, shows how restaurants are using Facebook and Yelp to build relationships with customers and find new customers. EyesAndFeet provided their own explanation upon submitting the infographic to us, which you can review below:

How Social are America’s Restaurants and Cafes on Facebook?
This Infographic covers 10 key cities in the US and tells you what exactly restaurants in these cities are doing on Facebook, more specifically, with Facebook Fan Pages.

Details covered include the number of fan pages, frequency of posting content, and the average number of fans. Data for this infographic was curated by from millions of facebook fan pages. At this time, this is the most authoritative dataset on facebook fan page usage.

To provide a context to the numbers, we’ve also examined the number of listings for a city/category on Yelp.

Overall, the data provided in this infographic is very interesting, though I would like to know one other data point: What is the overall number of restaurants in each city? That would let me know just how many are participating in social networking overall. While I do like knowing what those participating in social networks are doing, it would be very interesting if I knew that 90% of Chicago restaurants are utilizing social networking or maybe only 5% of Seattle restaurants are taking advantage of Yelp. That would definitely be great information to have.

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