How much power does your generation have with this election?


Follow the link to the full infographic experience here:

Follow the link to the full infographic experience here:

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 70%
Design - 80%
Content/Script - 75%
Usability - 90%


Final Grade

The experience linked above shows data about elections in Germany. As a non-German speaker, this reviewer will speak to the visual elements of the piece without weighing in on content. The header image speaks to elections with a ballot and imagery of groups of people of all ages. The data visualization is in a very clean style, often using colors to categorize the information. In the case of the "Jung gegen alt" chart, we can assume that the orange end of the spectrum are areas of the country where there are more young people than senior people, and that the reverse is true for the purple end of the spectrum, thanks to the sizing of the respective icons. Similar color coding seems to be used in the graph below; consistency across data sets is very helpful in interpreting information. It would be great to see more election imagery throughout the piece as after the header we only have charts and graphs. However, in all the charts seem clear (independent of being able to use the copy to interpret them). In all and exclusive of the copy surrounding the images, we'd give this a B.

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