How Much is a Petabyte?

How Much is a Petabyte

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The folks over at thought of a fun way to demonstrate just how great their services are, by putting together this informative infographic answering the age old question: How Much is a Petabyte? For those of you who don’t know what is, you probably don’t have the need to store a lot of your data online. Regardless, things might change and you might find Mozy in your search for help in the future. Mozy is an online backup, data backup, and remote data backup solutions company. They work by automatically backing up all of the data, documents, and more that you have on your computer. So, if your computer were to ever get stolen, fried, or dropped, all of your important files would be safe.

To illustrate this, Mozy created this infographic to show just how much storage they have, which is 15 Petabytes of online storage. The infographic begins by explaining the importance of storage space. It shows that there are 1.5billion computer users in the world and 1.5million were online in 2009. As more users need storage, the price of the gigabyte has gone down, which is why external harddrives now cost under $100 for over 400 gigabytes, when they used to cost $400 for just 120 gigabytes.

After displaying the importance of a gigabyte and what can be stored on 1-5 gigabytes of space, the infographic then shows just how many gigabytes go into a Petabyte (1million). What’s really nice about this infographic is that it doesn’t stop there. It mirrors the beginning and this time shows how much can be stored in 1-50 Petabytes. The most interesting fact is the final one, which shows that 50 Petabytes can store the entire written works of mankind since the beginning of recorded history in all languages.

All in all, this is a great infographic and there’s little I can find to critique. The data is clear and, although I never cared to learn about Petabytes before, it’s displayed in a way that is almost mind-blowing, making me want to share it with others as true infographics should be.


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