How Important is Small Business in the US?

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Since we posted a “mini infographic” earlier today, we decided to also post a full infographic. This infographic comes to us from, which is a great website for online merchants looking for the right credit card processor to accept money online. Upon submitting this infographic, our friends at FeeFighters had the following to say:

You might be surprised to learn that small business represents about 30% (on average) of payroll for most states. Guess which states have the highest small business payroll (by percentage)? Montana, Wyoming, and Vermont.

All in all, this is their best infographic to date. They are really getting a hang of infographic design and it’s nice to see that they are adding in quite a lot of data with nice visuals. The topic of this infographic is also fun, because in this economy, it’s nice to see just how much small business impacts the U.S.

Honestly, I don’t have any negative critiques of this infographic. I love the use of the magnifying glass on the map of the U.S., like the color scheme, and think that they added some nice graphs to give this infographic more meat.

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