How Important Have Apps Become?


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Flowtown never seems to be at a loss for informative infographics, and their latest one about the importance of apps is no stranger to this rule. The infographic begins by showing how our culture has become so app dependent due to the increase in smart phones. It then dissects the app user, by showing that the majority of app users are younger, more educated, and more affluent than other cell phone users.

The second part of the infographic goes into detail about the most popular types of apps on the market today. This is a highly informative section that could come into use for anyone wanting to develop an app to supplement their income. In this chart, you can see that game apps are the most popular, which is to be expected, but some may be surprised that puzzle and strategy apps are the most popular of all game apps.

The final part of this infographic shows how often apps are downloaded and how much they are used. It’s interesting to see that some people have not downloaded apps for awhile, which could be for a number of reasons, one being that the market is becoming too saturated, so there are too many to choose from. It is also interesting to see that most app users actually take advantage of having the app on a daily basis, rather than buying and not touching anymore. This could suggest that app users are becoming more savvy and choosing to download a select set of apps based on what they know they will use.

The one thing that this infographic does not have, which would have been interesting to see, is the overall revenue of the apps industry. This is quickly becoming a highly profitable venue for developers, and I’ve always wondered just how much the average developer earns and how much the entire industry is worth.

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