How Do Colors Affect Purchases Infographic

How Do Colors Affect Purchases
Infographic Brought to you By KissMetrics

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Marketing a product in the right way can be the key difference in making it attractive to consumers so that they will want to follow through and purchase it. This recent infographic from KissMetrics takes a deeper look into how colors affect purchases, and the data is very insightful. While there are often other factors that drive a consumer to purchase a product, color is the most common reason behind a purchase. Not only is color an important component to drive sales, but it is also very helpful for brand recognition among consumers.

Not all colors mean the same thing to consumers worldwide, but in the United States there are a number of colors that drive consumers to purchase. The more interesting bit of data is that certain colors are better for certain products and invoke different emotions in consumers. Below are a few examples of some colors and what they mean to U.S. consumers

  • Blue creates security and trust, and therefore it is often used by businesses and banks.
  • Red creates a sense of urgency in the consumer, and it is most likely why businesses commonly use it to indicate that there is a sale.
  • Pink has a romantic and feminine feel, which is why it appeals to young woman and girls.
  • Yellow has a youthful and optimistic feel, and therefore it is a great color to use to attract window shoppers that pass by.
  • Orange is often used as a color to call out a strong call to action message, because it has an aggressiveness to it that consumers feel.

Overall this is a very solid infographic, and the only critique I have is that I would have liked to see a less busy background. The star pattern in the background makes it difficult to read some of the graphs and text.

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