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This infographic comes to us from, who recently hosted a customer services best practices survey to understand what companies are doing to keep customers in a rough economy. The survey sought to discover the following:

  • Which industries are doing the best job in customer service
  • Which service channels provide the best experiences
  • The importance of an organization’s customer service reputation with regards to consumer buying decisions
  • The impact of issue handling and resolution on customer loyalty

According to the infographic, the following results hold true:

  • The hospitality/travel industry consistently provides the best customer service
  • For hospitality/travel, customer service plays a larger role than price. This is also true in banking, food/beverage, and healthcare
  • Over 60% of respondents felt that customer service was a primary factor of importance when working with a company
  • Facebook is the best social media outlet where a consumer can find positive customer service

The infographic ends with a variety of customer testimonials, which is OK, but the infographic already has extremely hard to read/small text that adding this much content is unnecessary. Overall, the infographic is OK, but the data is sparse and the pie charts are a huge eye sore.


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