House Cleaning Facts: An Infographic


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This infographic on house cleaning was submitted to us by the folks at Golden Shine Cleaning Agency. In terms of aesthetics, I really like this infographic. Most of the illustrations look fantastic and are cohesive with the rest of the design. The only images that do not really fit in are the leaf and the bucket – it would work better if they were simpler illustrations like the others. The data visualization is also very good – the first bar graph and all of the pie graphs look great – the colors work and there is quite a bit of variety.

This infographic could be improved by paring down the text considerably. Although the typography looks fantastic, the second half of the infographic relies on it too heavily. In particular, the piece regarding the “184,000 tons” of cleaning products could easily be visualized graphically – if this figure has changed over time, there is a great opportunity for a graph here as well.

The “Benefits of Green Cleaning” section could be visualized nicely if it included data on just how much green cleaning products reduce exposure to toxic chemicals, reduce asthma, and reduce negative environmental effects. It might also be interesting to visually compare the components of traditional cleaning products and green cleaning products.

The last thing that should probably be changed is calling out the fact that this is an infographic. The idea of an infographic is pretty straightforward and we can tell what it is just by looking at it. Overall, a great infographic that could be even better with just a little more data visualization.

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