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This infographic comes to us from Volusion, a leading ecommerce solution online that has been in business for over 10 years. Volusion is one of the top 10 ecommerce software solutions of 2011, which is why entering the game of infographics is important for them to continue to build their brand and market online. Upon submitting this infographic, Volusion stated:

The holiday selling season has always been big for ecommerce, but never have we experienced something quite like this past year. Wondering just how big of a milestone we hit in 2010? For the first time in history, Cyber Monday lived up to its hype, finally overtaking the spot as the busiest selling day of the year. Want to see more about the wild and crazy history that led to this point? Check out this new infographic above.

All in all, the infographic is pretty decent for a first try from this company. I wish it had more data points and it could stand to be a bit larger so that the font is legible. For instance, this infographic can probably get to 650px wide, which would leave a lot more room for larger font. I do also wish the infographic utilized more imagery, but again, it’s a great first try as many companies don’t even do this well their first time.

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