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This infographic comes to us from, a site that helps retailers find the best ecommerce software to power their online store. The infographic delves into the details behind holiday shopping online, showing how online shopping has risen in popularity over the years and is most active during the holiday shopping season.

For some consumers, the holiday shopping season has already begun, but most consumers will wait until Black Friday to really start shopping. Many people take to the Internet to find the best deals, avoid long lines, and get free shipping. This is a great way to shop when you will be traveling for the holidays, as free shipping (with gift wrapping) lets you ship the gifts rather than carting them around on a plane. And speaking as someone who has had $1000 worth of Christmas gifts get lost with my luggage one year, online shopping with free shipping is the only way to enjoy the holidays without the stress.

All in all, this is a pretty good infographic with a lot of data. What I really enjoy about ZippyCart infographics is the way they always include their website URL as well as their logo, which is a guy they call Zippy (he’s the red guy dressed up as Santa). They make the logo fit with the infographic rather than just throwing it into the infographic and hoping people notice. Their logo is usually orange, which would not have worked with this infographic at all, so their choice to dress Zippy up as Santa was a smart move that keeps their brand in the infographic without throwing their logo in your face.


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