Hiring a Wedding Day Planner vs. DIY Infographic


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Today’s infographic comes to us from It explains the difference between hiring a wedding planner or doing it all yourself. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at ATR had the following to say:

Wedding planners can be quite expensive and often times very difficult to work with. Many brides choose to forgo a wedding planner and decide that with the help of family and friends they can plan their own wedding, but is it truly worth it?

All in all, this is an OK first start to an infographic, but not much of one. The design is sub par at best, with too many elements that look like buttons on an online store. While the “total cost” section has data visualization due to color coding, this information would be much easier to take in as a bar chart. There is opportunity for so much more with this infographic, but instead it just shows a list of numbers and doesn’t even include sources at the bottom, so how do I know these numbers are reputable?

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