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Simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML of your blog, website, or Static FBML box on Facebook has put out another cool infographic that relates to e-commerce by providing insight into Halloween sales and trends. Halloween is a critical point in the year for many e-commerce retailers, and for some it is the peak season for generating revenue. Halloween e-commerce sites have been promoted over the last month, as they want to be top of mind when consumers go to search for Halloween costume ideas in 2010.

This Halloween infographic starts out by looking at the participation level over the past three years. There is a direct correlation to sales as more people participating equals more Halloween costumes purchased. In 2009 Halloween participation declined, which was most likely due to poor economic conditions. Spending also declined in 2009. However 2010 is looking better, as things are expected to pick back up, which should equate to healthy online sales for Halloween costumes and decorations.

Next this infographic dives into the four most popular categories which are driving consumers to spend money at Halloween. These include Halloween costumes, greetings cards, candy, and decorations. When it comes to spending by age, consumers 18-44 all spend about $68 each. However the older demographics are less likely to spend money for Halloween. Another interesting section on this infographic is about the top search terms that people are using in regard to the Halloween holiday. Seven out of the top ten terms relate to costumes, and this makes sense since it is the most important piece to celebrating Halloween.

Overall this is a really fun and informative infographic that helps you better understand Halloween sales and trends. I am not sure if the data is out there, but it would be cool to learn more about recent Halloween costumes that flopped and had poor sales. There are a lot of odd Halloween costumes that come out each year, and not all of them can be top sellers.

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