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This infographic comes to us from and showcases how Adobe is becoming the newest target for Hackers. Upon submitting this infographic, the folks at Adobe had the following to say:

This infographic focuses on the recent increase of online exploits targeting Adobe. Hackers vs. Adobe infographic shows how attacks on Adobe products and platforms, particularly Acrobat and Flash, have skyrocketed over the last several years, with attacks on Adobe heavily outweighing attacks on Microsoft Office-related products, which used to be the most popular target of these online hackers.

The infographic also gives insights into how cyber criminals use PDF files and Flash applications to infiltrate your computer – showing us what to look out for and be aware of in order to prevent and avoid virus infiltration via these popular programs, file formats and platforms.

Overall, I really like this infographic. It’s got a great clean design that takes on the Adobe brand. It is a bit wordy, which is somewhat hard to get through, but there are also some nice data points shown through creative imagery. My only issue with it is size – one has to scroll both left to right and up and down to view the entire infographic. Had they kept it at 1000px wide, it would be far easier to review.

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