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Whenever I put “Infographic” in quotes in the title of a post, it means that this was submitted as an infographic, but not really an infographic at all. We’ve all made this mistake when first doing infographics. People think that all they have to do is add some nice pictures next to a bunch of content and it’s an infographic, but it’s not even close. An infographic is a graphic representation of information. It relies on graphics to visualize important data. This “infographic” relies on text to get all of the important data across and then uses images to compliment the text. If all the images were taken out, the same information would be there. If all the text were taken out, the “infographic” wouldn’t make any sense. Therefor, this is not an infographic because the images are not showcasing the information. A few nice additions to this design would have made it a mediocre infographic, but at least it would have been an infographic. Those additions include 2 simple bar graphs. One that compares fiber across all the meals and one that compares protein across all the meals. Each food could also have a pie chart showing the fiber vs. protein content ratios, which would break up the text and take things up a notch for this design.

Upon submitting this “infographic,” the folks at Better Health Innovations had the following to say:

This infographic is entitled “Gross Food That You Will Want To Eat!” is simply about food that may be gross, but with high levels of protein and fiber, they are nutritionally awesome for your mind, body, and soul. It goes on to show foods like oatmeal and spinach are more accepted, thus at the top of the list, compared to brains and blood sausage at the bottom of the chart. For easy reading, the protein content is listed in green and the fiber content is listed in orange. Some items might not have high levels of protein or fiber but are still very nutritional for you, therefore all advantages to eat a particular food is listed under the name, protein, and fiber content.


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