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Yesterday, Mashable wrote a post reviewing The Social Network, which is the new movie based on the creation of Facebook. At the end of the review, one statement kept repeating itself in my head:

Whether Facebook is the next Google or not, I’m not sure, but it has utterly encapsulated the zeitgeist of this era of computing and communications. Facebook’s legacy and influence over the future is something that cannot be in disputed.

In a sense, this infographic from does a good job of proving that statement and makes you wonder if Facebook is the next Google. It covers a variety of data points that show just how well Facebook is doing when compared to Google. For instance, in August of 2010, Facebook became the top online destination. This also happened around New Years 2010, which isn’t shown on this infographic.

The next part of the infographic shows a simple yet detailed time line comparing Google to Facebook. Google began in 1997 by two college students at Stanford University and Facebook began in 2004 by a Harvard student and his friends.

After the time line, the infographic shows the initial share cost of both Google and Facebook upon going public. This was pretty close, with Google at $85 per share and Facebook at $76 per share. It would have been nice for the infographic to show average current share price for each company, as this information would be a nice comparison metric for those who want to dig deeper into the data.


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