Good Customer Service Infographic

Good Customer Service
Via: Get Satisfaction

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Customer service is an instrumental part of many businesses, as they want to make sure they treat their customers right, so they continue coming back. This infographic from GetSatisfaction is a nice overview of customer service in the U.S., including tips on good customer service. GetSatisfaction offers a tool to connect online businesses with their customers, allowing them to communicate easily about any question or issue that may occur.

The first thing you learn on the infographic is the 10 commandments for good customer service. This list includes things like knowing your products, never arguing with a customer, making it easy to buy, and always providing what you promise. Also on the list is the idea of committing to quality service, which is a must to ensure that you can achieve good, if not great, customer service. Next the infographic dives into the state of customer service in different industries, and provides insight into which are the best and worst. The consumers electronics and financial services industries provided the best overall customer service, whereas the retail and travel industries ranked lower on the list with more poor and below average scores.

Next the infographic provides charts on the top 10 companies to avoid and top 10 companies that treat you right when it comes to customer service. Some of the companies on the top were Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Trader Joe’s, and Nordstrom. Those companies on the bottom of the list were Bank of America, Comcast, Wells Fargo, Sprint, and HSBC. In general they show that customer service at the mobile phone carriers is not that great.

Overall the infographic is helpful, but the info at the top is most useful to someone looking to provide good customer service. It would have been great to have seen them highlight some specific techniques that some companies used to provide great customer service.


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