Going PiP Crazy (Infographic)


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This infographic comes to us from the folks at Forex Robot Here are a few highlights as noted by the submitter:

  • Most people trade Forex when they are at home.
  • The most preferred pairs are EUR-USD, EUR-JPY USD-GBP, and USD-JPY.
  • Most Forex traders are relatively new to the craft and rarely do Forex traders get past the 5 year mark. This is kind of a sad fact, it shows that a lot of people give up on Trading. Those that do will never know the level of success that can be reached, especially by those in the over 20 year range.

I hate to do it, but I have to give this infographic a D since there is so little data visualization. It is pretty short, so there is no reason for any of the data to not be visualized. There are three data sets here, but only one pie chart. The “Where do you trade?” section could easily be represented with another pie chart, and the “top 4 pairs” section could be visualized as a bar graph just to compare ranking or number of responses.

Overall, the design of this infographic is poor – the style is very 1990’s – the colors are a bit dull and the font a little obtrusive. There is also the issue of clarity: this infographic should include a short blurb or explanation of its content for the anyone who is unfamiliar with Forex trading to ensure that they get a good grasp on the information and are more likely to pass it on.

It is clear that the designer made every attempt to make a potentially boring subject more interesting, which I appreciate – every designer knows this challenge. However, this infographic is going to need a whole lot of love to really get to the next level.

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