Gendernomics: Online Ads and Gender Infographic

Online Ads and Gender Infographic

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This infographic entitled Gendernomics: A Professional Take on Who is Looking at, and Who is Reacting to Online Ads, is brought to us by It demonstrates how men and women react differently to online ads and when these reactions occur. For instance, more men are clicking online ads around 3am than any other time of day, while more women are clicking these ads around 6am. The infographic doesn’t go into any explanations about why this might be, but some may assume that men are up later working or gaming while women are up earlier exercising, getting the kids ready for school, or finding some “me” time.

The infographic then shows the breakdown of men and women actually converting into customers from the ads they have clicked on. This happens later in the day for both. Men tend to convert around 4pm while women convert around 11am. What’s really interesting about this second graph is how opposite the two trend lines are from one another. Again, the creator of the infographic doesn’t go into details about why this could be, which would be a nice improvement to the overall graphic.


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