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The crew at iMortuary put out this interesting infographic that details a variety of “grave curiosities” as they like to call it. iMortuary is an online funeral home directory, as well as resource for other funeral related services. This infographic is in the style of a headstone, and has a number of engravings that all have a fact inside. It shows that in 1829 there was a safety coffin created that had a bell for the deceased to ring, just in case they were actually buried alive. Another fun fact is that prior to the 20th century, some European families would hire professional mourners to come to a funeral and look sad.

Apparently humans are not the only ones to bury their dead, as the infographic reports that some chimpanzees and elephants have been known to cover their dead with leaves and branches. The infographic highlights that the average cost of a coffin in the U.S. is $2,000, and that there are alternatives to being buried in a coffin. These alternatives include having ashes spread, ashes being turned into a diamond, or even shooting ashes into space.

Overall I guess this infographic does accomplish what it was looking to do, and that is list off a bunch of random grave curiosities, also known as funeral facts. However the head stone template and lack of many bright colors and images make it a bit tough to stay engaged and focus on all of the content. Another critique would be that the title of the infographic does not pop, as it is well below the top of the infographic and only engraved in a gray font on the headstone.


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