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This infographic about the foreign exchange industry comes to us from the folks at CMS Forex. Here is what they have to say about their infographic:

The infographic contains a visually appealing overview of the fundamentals of the FX market, including the most traded currencies, key differences between the stock market and the foreign exchange market, the mechanics of the market, a profit and loss formula, and most importantly, information on how to start trading Forex.

This infographic is clean, the color scheme is good, and the typography is good as well. There isn’t a whole lot of data visualization here, however. There is really only one graph and the rest of the information is presented in typography. The pie graph itself could be a lot for visually pleasing – right now, it does not seem to fit with the rest of the infographic and the individual sections could be labeled a lot more clearly.

In addition, there are several minor inconsistencies throughout the infographic – Forex is sometimes referred to “FX” and a lot of the lists contain a mixture of complete sentences that either end with periods or do not. The infographic also contains several images that accompany the text without really adding anything. Even with all of the text, there is still a ton of empty space, which could easily be filled up with some graphs. All the white space would even be okay if the infographic included more data visualization – it might actually make it look cleaner.

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