Ford F150 Design Timeline


Credits: Glass.Net

Credits: Glass.Net

Score from the experts at Killer Infographics

Visual Communication - 50%
Design - 50%
Content/Script - 60%
Usability - 65%


Final Grade

This infographic explores the history and development of the iconic Ford F150 truck. Photographs of the vehicles allow the reader to see a visual evolution of the truck's design. However, the photography contrasts with the illustrated header image and eliminates room for any visualization of the data presented within the content (horsepower, features, etc.). The content itself is clearly and cleanly written, which is a benefit to understanding the truck's past. Since the copy is structured with full paragraphs, it might take a reader time to dig through all of the information. Emphasizing the car's changes would help to highlight the goals of the content, and this would be bolstered even more by including sources for the information. Overall, there's the basis for an engaging piece here, but it needs to push in order to communicate with the reader. As is, we'd give this an F.

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