Facts About the Human Body


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I’m not going to lie… I don’t view this as an infographic. That said, it was submitted as an infographic, and we try to post the majority of what people submit to us, so I will explain my thoughts. It’s pretty simple really: an infographic should be data visualization. This design has amazing typography, but the data is not actually visualized. There is no easy way to take everything in just by looking at it, because in the end you still have to read this to get all of the information. Now I understand that some infographics will have to rely on a decent amount of text to showcase the information properly, but an infographic should never be all text because then it’s not an infographic. In other words, this isn’t an infographic… it’s more like a nice poster, but the data is not easier to take in than a list would be and none of the data is actually visualized.

Upon submission, the folks at had the following to say:

Human body is an amazing machine made up of many things like organs, bones, skin, and so forth. If we look at it, it’s not less than any complex system with so many things fitted inside precisely and perfectly.


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