Facts About Fire and Smoke Damage


Facts About Fire and Smoke Damage


Facts About Fire and Smoke Damage Source:

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This infographic lists facts about the causes of fire and smoke damage, some statistics about the effectiveness of prevention and response, and data about fire-related deaths in the U.K. This infographic's text is relevant to the subject, but although the data is interesting, it's not organized intuitively. The facts aren't gathered into relevant sections with headers that would help the reader. Adding sections for "Causes," "Prevention," and "Consequences" would help readers' comprehension before they get to the fine print. The visual elements of this infographic consist of icons, spot illustrations, photography, and a single graph. These visual elements aren't cohesive, and don't effectively balance the text. The graph is also too small to be readable. This infographic misses a few opportunities to use data visualization, particularly in the sections about cigarettes and smoke detectors. The use of red as the main color is a smart choice, though, since it fits the theme of the content. Overall, this infographic has text that's difficult to parse, paired with visuals that don't harmonize together. We'd give this an F.

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