Extincion Polar – An Infographic About Melting Ice Caps


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This infographic, created by Alenka De los Rios, shows how the polar ice caps are melting, which is causing the extinction rates of polar bears to rise. The infographic provides many facts about Polar Bears and the climate they require to live long and healthy lives. It then goes on to show the various actions that are causing harm to the Polar Bear population including hunting, industry, oil drilling, and the rising climate. The infographic shows how climate and pollution has affected other animals as well including birds, seal, whales, and fish.

While this infographic provides a great deal of information, even blown up to its largest size, the text is extremely small and therefor almost impossible to read. This is unfortunate, because the infographic is very well designed and put together. It features an important topic that can be shared easily through infographic form, so hopefully this text issue will be fixed.


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