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This infographic comes to us from, which is a blog for camera assistants. The infographic (colored black and blue… good branding play guys), explains the in’s and out’s of the IMAX movie theater. Upon submission of this infographic, said:

Nowadays it’s almost guaranteed that large tentpole releases from the studios get either the IMAX treatment, 3D releases or both. For awhile, IMAX was primarily used to showcase documentary fare at museums, but its adoption by Hollywood – thanks to its increased ticket price – has led the company to become bigger than ever. With Wally Pfister talking about shooting a mix of IMAX and 70mm film for The Dark Knight Rises, it’s important to discuss the differences between the formats and to truly dive into what IMAX really is.

The infographic provides the background and technical aspects of IMAX. Next, it shows just how different IMAX film is from traditional 35mm film stock. It’s definitely interesting to see how long and how heavy the actual film is when a movie is shot on IMAX film compared to traditional film, which is a nice addition to this infographic.

The pie charts at the bottom of the infographic are OK, but my eyes get lost. It would have been nice to incorporate some numbers in them. Pie charts without numbers can work on infographics, but only when there are a few pie charts. With 9, it just seemed too overwhelming to not have numbers. Also, I think it would have been interesting to include where the world’s largest IMAX screen is located.

Finally, there is too much space between the conclusion of the infographic and the source data. This allows anyone to cut off the bottom of the infographic and claim it as their own. It’s best to place a brand name near the top of any infographic to stop this from happening.

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