Everything You Wanted to Know About Nachos: A Food Infographic


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One of the best things about infographics is that they can be made out of anything. As proof of this, Nachos NY created this infographic all about Nachos, entitled Everything You Wanted to Know About Nachos But Were Afraid to Ask. This funny infographic uses pie charts to show toppings by nacho style and breaks styles up between Modern and Traditional. It then goes on to provide a brief history of nachos from their inception in 1943 to the creation of the website in 2008.

Next, a line graph shows the napkin to delicious nacho ratio, which is nothing short of funny. Finally, the infographic concludes with nachos in a venn diagram format, which is also quite creative. What’s great about this funny infographic is the fact that it ends with “Most of these facts are true.”

The creator of this infographic had this to say about his creation:

Every time I meet someone who learns I live life for the love of nachos, they think I am joking. They question it’s history and the difference from one nacho to the other. They say, “you mean chips and that orange cheese sauce,” and I slap them. It really ticks me off. To show just how much of a passion project Nachos NY is, I’ve created this infographic to shed light on best practices in making nachos, history of nachos, messiness standards and more.

If you like it, print it out and put on your wall for helpful tips.


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