Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Christmas Trees

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[Source: Artificial Christmas Trees from All-In-One Garden Centre]

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This infographic comes to us from All-In-One Garden Centre and features everything you ever wanted/needed to know about Christmas trees. Just in time for the holidays, the infographic shows different tree types in US vs UK households, where trees are grown annually, a brief history of Christmas trees, and more. Upon submitting this infographic, All-In-One Garden Centre had the following to say:

As Christmas comes flying around again we thought we’d shed some light on the world of Christmas trees. Most people who celebrate Christmas have a tree in their homes these days, but what do really know about them? We looked at: the most popular types of tree, where most trees are grown, whether artificial or real trees are most commonly bought and a size comparison of the most famous Christmas trees in the world. We’ve mixed in some interesting facts about Christmas trees too so hopefully there’s something for everyone here.

Overall, this infographic is OK, though I wish it provided more of a holiday related color pallet. They did do a good job of picking a topic that is timely, which should help with achieving some viral appeal, but is the information interesting enough?

In other news folks, this will be our only installment this week, as our team heads out to celebrate Thanksgiving and their long weekend (made longer by the Seattle snow storm).

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