Entrepreneurs in 2012: Losing Sleep But Not Losing Hope


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Hiscox business insurance put together this infographic based on a study of small to medium enterprises. We love the dynamic silhouettes, which make us excited to follow the information through to the end, almost as if we were reading a story! In fact, we would love to see these characters carry us through the whole story, with country profiles that employ bigger text and are a little less dense, to fit with the feel of the first half of the infographic. However, it’s important that parallel data from the same countries is contrasted in some way, which is something the graphic already accomplishes.

Also, maybe it’s us, but we’re a bit confused about this stat: “75% hope to avoid redundancies or even to recruit.” Doesn’t avoiding redundancies sometimes involve letting workers go?

The style of the coins seems out of place among the otherwise clean lines of this piece. Also, the font could be a bit more imaginative — particularly in the headline.

This infographic is quite visually engaging and with a few tweaks, could make for stellar proof that infographics can present information in a way no other medium can!


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