Drowsy Driver – Truck Driving Crash Statistics


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This infographic comes to us from and covers truck crash statistics of drowsy drivers. According to Oklahoma-Law:

The NHTSA reports that transportation fatalities decreased for the fourth straight year in 2009. However, large trucks are still involved in a disproportionate amount of fatal accidents. Driver fatigue is one of the leading contributors to crashes involving large trucks in the United States. Drivers reported in a 2007 study that fatigue, inattention and pressure from work were associated with their semi truck accidents. Sleep deprivation impacts on performance in a similar manner to alcohol. It should also be noted that truck drivers nearly always survive their accidents; 97% of deaths in accidents involving a truck were the occupant of the other vehicle. The infographic was created to bring awareness to the public about just h ow common driver fatigue is – and how sever the consequences.

Overall, the infographic is pretty short, but still well put together. The illustration at the very top draws you in and makes you want to continue down the page. While the length is short, the infographic is not short on information by any means. The designer also does a good job of incorporating illustration, charts, and real-world images. The truck as the bar chart is also very creative. When it comes down to it, there’s not much to critique. In other words, they did a pretty good job putting this infographic together.

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