Dragons Den Infographic: All the Facts

Dragons Den Facts: The Dragons, Pitchers, Investments & Statistics
Dragons Den Infographic By Promotional Codes

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If you’ve ever seen the ABC TV show Shark Tank, then this infographic is for you. This infographic covers the first season of Dragons Den, which is the British version of Shark Tank (actually, I think Shark Tank is the US version of Dragons Den, but both are taken from the original Japanese series). Here’s how the show works: Entrepreneurs with new business ideas pitch their ideas to a panel of investors (the Dragons for this show and the Sharks for Shark Tank). The investors then decide if one, some, or none of them want to invest in the product/business. The ideas that are pitched are often wildly unique, and the show is generally fun to watch as you can learn about business and venture capitalists with a little humor added in.

Overall, the infographic is informative and well designed. It begins with facts and figures about the investors (the Dragons) and then details some of the pitches made over the season, their investments, and any current data about the profits or success of these new business ventures. While this is interesting, this infographic will likely only appeal to die hard fans, so it’s interesting that a Promotional Codes company would create it.

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