Denver Colorado Beer Facts

Denver Colorado Beer Facts
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This is a very easy to digest infographic about beer in Colorado, the “Beer Me” state. It has just 11 simple facts about Colorado and beer, which are not necessarily put in any particular order. Some of the more interesting facts include:

  • You get drunk faster in Denver because of the high altitude
  • Golden, Colorado is home of the single largest brewery in the world, the Coors Brewery
  • The Great American Beer Festival has been hosted by Colorado for over 30 years and is in the Guinness Book of Records as the best place to find more beers on tap than anywhere else.

All in all, this infographic is a fun and quick read, but the information is not necessarily something that would be hard to consume in a simple list format.  All in all, there is a great deal of content on this infographic and not a lot of imagery.  That said, I’m not sure this needed to be an infographic in the first place, but it’s fun regardless.

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  • Matt – Thanks very much for posting and reviewing our graphic.

    When we originally came up with this concept, we wanted to create something more data intensive…but a lot of the data we found was sort of boring. Also, during the design process, we decided the graphic might look better with some of the facts removed…so we trimmed more data off.

    The end result is a graphic that doesn’t have a lot of info…just barely an infographic. Next time, we’ll spend more time thinking about the concept and whether or not there’s enough interesting data to fill a graphic.

    Again, thanks for reviewing this. Good to get some constructive feedback.

    Jason Lancaster September 9, 2010 11:37 am Reply

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