Decline of Summer Productivity Infographic

Decline of Summer Productivity

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This infographic from the Grasshopper Group details the rising trend in work-time productivity loss during the summer months. There are many factors that play into the decline of productivity in the summer, including rise in temperature, lack of vacation, and basic distractions as many activities occur during the warmer months of the year. Overall, according to this infographic, 25% of all employees report a loss in productivity between June and August every year. This decline is due to summer distractions, outdoor lunches, and leaving early to enjoy the warm weather.

Some other interesting facts include how various temperatures in the office affect employee performance. This includes the following:

  • If the office temperature is 86 degrees or higher, productivity goes down to 91%
  • At 68 degrees, error rates rise to 25%
  • Perfect temperature for an office is 72 degrees, where productivity remains relatively normal, but the minute it goes up to 73 degrees, productivity begins to decline

During the summer, employers should try to keep temperatures at an even level while also encouraging their employees to take a vacation. Employees that don’t take vacations in the summer tend to be the ones who leave early or take lunches outside. Because of this, 37-40% of employees are left carrying the burden of those that take advantage of summer daydreaming.


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