Debt: Perception vs Reality (Infographic)


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This infographic on debt perception comes to us from the folks at Pay Here is what they had to say about their infographic upon submitting it to us:

Debt in the UK a snap shot of the perceptions of the public as to where the highest amount of debt is and the reality of this.

This infographic does a good job of avoiding text and presenting all of the data visually. I like the bar charts down the side of the infographic – they are easy to understand and the icons work nicely. To make it more interesting, the icons could be used as the bar charts themselves. The map of the UK works, but is a bit cluttered – a different, more organized (and maybe more interesting) way of comparing the pairs of circles would be to have the smaller circle in each pair lie over the larger one, so that we could see a direct size comparison. The section that is a bit confusing is the area below with the pie charts – I like the idea, but there is a lot to read and all of the colors are very similar so it can get confusing. It is totally possible to find different colors that still compliment the color scheme of the infographic and add a bit of clarity to these graphs.

The overall design of this infographic is good – it visualizes all of the data well, and the color scheme works for the overall infographic. There just have to be a few tweaks to really take this one to the next level – a more interesting font throughout and the above suggestions for improving the graphs could make a world of difference.


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