Dead People on Facebook Infographic

dead people on facebook infographic
Source: All Facebook

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AllFacebook, the unofficial guide to Facebook, has put out a bizarre infographic that provides insight into how you will live on at Facebook, after you die. As more people continue to create online profiles at social networks like Facebook, it is only a matter of time before a small percentage of them pass away. This infographic points out that about 200,000 Facebook members die each year, which is more people than the entire population of many countries. It states on the infographic that Facebook used to just delete your profile if you died, but now there is an option to report a deceased person, so they can get a page to be a memorial. This means it will no longer appear in search results, or be a suggestion by Facebook.

Overall this infographic could use a bit more data, as there are only a handful of facts regarding the topic. Another piece of the infographic that I could go without, is the flowery purple background. Granted it is an infographic about death, but it does not have that depressing feel. I would have preferred a pure purple background, as it would make the graphics and text pop better on the infographic.

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