Dangers of Drowsy Driving


Learn more about the dangers of drowsy driving.

Learn more about the dangers of drowsy driving.

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Visual Communication - 60%
Design - 75%
Content/Script - 65%
Usability - 65%


Final Grade

This infographic presents facts and statistics about the prevalence and risks associated with drowsy driving, as well as tips for avoiding this danger. This infographic features a strong, consistent color palette of warm orange and maroon, with pops of yellow evocative of road warning signs. The title is accompanied by an illustration that communicates the infographic's subject. Graphic elements like warning signs and a winding road help create a layout that feels dynamic. The visual design shows some imperfections, such as text appearing off-center on the "warning sign" headings. The content of this infographic stays relevant to the main subject, and presents some specific data as well as some general information and advice. If this data could be presented using data visualizations, rather than merely as location points along the road graphic, it would make the information easier for a viewer to comprehend and remember. Overall, this infographic has elements of a strong visual design, but lacks the data visualization techniques needed to highlight its data effectively. We'd give this a D.

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