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This infographic comes to us from, which is a site similar to Kayak that lets you compare travel deals across multiple travel sites all at once. Upon submitting this infographic, TravelSupermarket said the following:

Here’s an infographic showing 5 worthwhile European football stadium tours with pricing, how to get there and other attractions in the area.

When it comes to the topic of their website, TravelSupermarket did a good job coming up with the idea for this infographic. For those U.S. readers, it’s important to note that these are soccer stadiums, not that game where the Bears just kicked the Seahawks’ derrieres last Sunday.

While the idea of the infographic is sound, the design could use improvement. To begin with, there’s way too much text. This reads more like an article than an infographic. To change that up, the designer could have made the important numbers stand out more by bolding/coloring them differently. The other issue with this infographic is that it uses the shadow effect way too much. This would be better with less shadows and bevels… new designers often overuse 1 effect to make up for the fact that they have not done much design in the past. This infographic currently screams “new designer” because of the use of a shadow effect on almost everything and a bevel on others.

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