Christmas in the World – Interesting Facts and Figures


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This infographic is courtesy of, an online travel agency where customers can book hotels, B&B’s, and apartments. The infographic delves into the facts behind Christmas, to show just how seriously many people take the upcoming holiday. Upon submitting the infographic, had the following to say:

We wanted to collect some of the most interesting trivia and facts about this tradition, putting in some of the most typical desserts and adding also music curiosities. The infographic put USA on top of the average spend for presents with €520, seconded by UK at €474 and Spain with €383, or that the biggest Christmas present was in fact..the Statue of Liberty.

Take a peek at our list of fun facts about how the most important holiday of the year is a celebrated around the world!

Overall, the infographic is well put together and well designed. The one big issue is that the infographic requires a viewer to scroll both left and right to see everything. While it looks great on a small scale, it is not easy to read that small, so a viewer will have to enlarge it to actually review everything. At that point, things get really disconnected since it can’t be taken in just by scrolling in one direction. This infographic could have easily been laid out vertically for easier viewing.


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